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Our Journey

World Of Science Media (WOS) is renowned for its quality content among the science community on digital media. We are in content production for the past 5 years. In this span, our digital network has scaled to a combined audience of over 300K. World Of Science Media is also the Parent brand for CosmosNow Pvt. Ltd. We have created India’s First Astronomy Magazine (*Independent) – CosmosNow®


What do we aspire to do?


To educate every human on the planet with at least basics of space and science, thereby making people scientifically vigilant.


What are we doing?


To make people fall in love with space and science with our high-quality and fact-checked content pieces.


How do we do it?


Igniting the flame of Curiosity.
What we do

We make people fall in love with science.

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Youtube Content

Exclusive video content covering some of the most interesting & unexplained scientific concepts, and taking you to the realm of curiosity.

Instagram Content

Regular updates from science and technology in the form of high quality content helping you to explore the universe from strings to stranger things.

Astronomy Magazine

CosmosNow Magazine is India’s first (Independent) Astronomy Magazine with the first issue launched in August 2019.

Meet Our Team

Our Backbone

Rajkumar Shukla


Rajkumar is an Educator, Entrepreneur, and Science Communicator. He established World Of Science (WOS) Media and CosmosNow Pvt. Ltd. to promote and propagate Astronomy & Space Science among general public. The brain behind WOS!

Sidhart Viyapu


WOS as a platform has been the perfect response to my excitement about science and my interest in voiceovers. Imagine being the guy who reads the script before anyone else and has the privilege to present the script to the entire world so that they enjoy learning things as much as you did. It feels proud and exciting.


Creative Director

The frame setter behind the ideation of forming a design and editing team, Lakshay is a name among the millions who tried their hand at creative stuff as in Visual Designing, but never stopped expanding. The mastermind behind all the visual wizardry at WOS.

Shibangi Majumder

Content Writer

A curious ambivert who loves to know pretty much about everything. Particularly keeps a keen interest in science, philosophy and psychology. Sometimes she plays chess, watch movies and loves travelling. Plans to travel the world someday and maybe into the space too!

Vansh Verma

Video Editor

I traded my engineering degree for video editing. A creative problem solver who delivers polished final products. Except on Mondays.

Tanmay Agarwal

Creative Team Manager

A strategic video editor with a passion for research, movies, business, and travel. Always learning and always hungry. Also, I have a secret obsession with money.

Deepak Paryani

Video Editor

Video editor by day, gamer by night. Mixing sci-fi movies, AI, and cinematography in my edits keeps me ahead of the game. And if you need any tips on how to beat that impossible boss level, just ask!

Subham Shaw

Video Editor

An artist at heart, who creates video edits that transport viewers. Passionate about cinematography, filmmaking, and travel. Also, a caffeine addict.

Aman Kaushal

Video Editor

I’m a content creator extraordinaire with a talent for storytelling and beautiful shots. My superpowers include traveling to new places and finding the best local food. I can also quote entire movies from memory.

Amrit Singh

Video Editor

A video editor with a sharp eye for detail and a passion for gaming. I’m the guy who turns average footage into awesome edits. And I have a black belt in snacking.

Shrutti, Presenter at World Of Science Media

Shrutti C.


I sing, I dance, I write, I compose, I teach and I learn. That’s the reason why I need 48 hours a day!


Associated Freelancers

Soumya Arora

Content Writer

Ajinkya Surve

Graphic Designer

Anshuman Pathak

Content Writer


Web Developer

Shivangi Mishra

Marketing/ PR

Aman Garg

Content Writer

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