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From Strings To Stranger Things!

Is Pluto a planet or not? The debate over its classification rages on, with some scientists advocating for a return to its original status. The controversy over Pluto's planetary status raises larger questions about how we define and categorize objects in space

World's most renowned scientists think that the cosmos has quantum consciousness. First of all, what exactly is consciousness? Scientists are actively engaged experimental tests of these ideas. One approach is to study brain-impaired patients to see if their information...

The animal kingdom has evolved from unicellular organisms to gigantic dinosaurs and intelligent social animals, like us, Human beings! Throughout this evolutionary history, different species have left some characteristics or gained something new depending upon

Can we produce Antimatter? Well, Anti-matter is often produced naturally in space. During the radioactive decay of heavier isotopes, positrons are produced in large amounts. Breaking down neutrons into protons and electrons also produces...

Be it a nuclear race or space race, the world became a battlefield of knowledge. Science got entangled with politics. In 1947, Bumper WAC was the first manmade object to enter space.

Climate has changed in the past on its own but modern pollution has been its severe accelerator. Let’s look at some of the huge disasters that happened in the past few years due to climate change.

Big Bang nucleosynthesis created equal numbers of matter and antimatter. Antimatter is negative counterpart of matter, having the same mass but opposite...

The universe is filled with breathtaking views, shiny stars, glowing galaxies, pulsating magnetars, dark wandering planets, and whatnot. Let us take a trip to some magnificent and best travel spots in the solar system.